BEGINNER’S LEVEL Training of basic technique and tactics: flat strokes, initiating topspin strokes and game from the back of the court


PERFECTING Training of strokes with topspin and slice, contention game and set-up plays (singles and doubles).
ADULTS III TECHNIQUE Training of special strokes, tactics of game initiation and attacks (singles and doubles).


COMPETITION Training of footwork and specific tactics (singles and doubles).

Title: From Beginner’s Level to Competition in Adult Tennis
Nº of pages: 148
Nº of explanatory photos: 256
Nº of graphs: 532
Nº of index cards: 128
Date of creation: April, 2003
Author: J Figueras
Collaborations: Julia Roca (English translations)
Montse Ballaro (style correction)
Company: Smash tennis SL CIB B 61723482


“With a great experience in professional tennis and in the management of tennis schools, Joel Figueras has created an excellent and innovative tennis program.
Excellent, because of its learning structure, which perfectly adapts the contents to be worked on according to the players ages in an organized, well planned and programmed way.
Innovative, because it offers a perfect definition of all the technical and tactical aspects to be worked on, together with index cards, which gives the instructor and coach all the instruments to make a success of their tennis classes.”
Joel Figueras Torras Ricard Cabau Cisneros

Member of the A.T.P tennis coach.
National Tennis Coach by the Spanish Tennis Federation (R.F.E.T)
Member of the forum of techniques of the Catalonian Tennis Federation (F.C.T)
Speaker in the IV Conference of Catalonian Tennis (Jornades del Tennis Catalán).

As a Junior and Professional Player:
Member of the Spanish Tennis Team in every category (teaming up with Emilio Sanchez-Vicario and Martín Jaite among others).
1981 – Ended the year #18 in the World Junior Ranking.
1982 – 1989 1st National Category in the Spanish Classification, winning more than 30 National Tournaments.
1988 – Winner of a 25,000 $ ATP event. Orysol circuit (Denia phase).

Experience as a Junior High Performance Tennis Coach:
1989 – 1991 Junior coach of Group Z, Tennis Team Barcelona.
Most remarkable results:
1991 Orange Bowl, under 16s, Champion (Gonzalo Corrales)
1990 Orange Bowl, under 16s, Finalist (Juan Gisbert)

Experience as an ATP Coach:
1990 – 1992 Juan Aguilera (10 ATP)
1993 – Carlos Costa (13 ATP)
1996 – 1999 Francis Roig (60 ATP) and Roberto Carretero among others.

Part-time ATP coaching:
1998 – 1999 Alex Corretja, Alberto Berasategui, Tomas Carbonell and Jordi Burillo.
Mexican Davis Cup Team’s Coach
1989 – Leo Lavalle (45 ATP), Jorge Lozano (55 ATP) and Agustin Moreno (25 ATP Doubles).

Experience in Tennis Schools:
In the present and since 1993, Director of the TennisSchool of the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, which has 38 coaches and more than 650 students with ages between 6 and 17 years old.

Since 2001, through the sports services corporation Smash Tennis sl, which he owns, director of the following tennis centers, which have 400 players altogether:

Club Esportiu Jesús y Maria
Escuela Sunion
La Salle Bonanova
Escuela Folc i Torras
Centre de Esports Hospitalet Nor
Escuela Suiza de Barcelona
Hospitales Nord

Editor and Author of Educa Tennis:
Creator and Author of the Educa Tennis programs.

Graduate degree in Physical Education and Sports Ciences by INEF (National Institute of Physical Education) in Barcelona.

Experience in TennisSchools and Elementary, Middle and High Schools:
In the present and since 1999 General Coordinatorof the TennisSchool in the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona.
Since 1997 physical education professor in Casals Gràcia de Manlleu.

Experience in the business world of sports:

Since 2003, co-founder, share-holder and Administrative Manager of the sports services corporation SVS sl, which works with more than 7 sports centers in the city of Barcelona, developing all types of projects and activities related to tennis: Tennis Schools, management of club tournaments, national and international tournaments, etc.

Co-Author and Collaborator of Educa Tennis:

Author of the Manuals of Junior Tennis School I, 6 and 7 year old children.

Collaborator in the other Educa Tennis programs.

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